Hosting at the Speed of Light

OnyxLight Communications provides cutting edge personal and business Internet solutions. By harnessing the power of emerging technologies, OnyxLight is able to develop and maintain scalable, cost-effective solutions for all types of needs. From basic webhosting to advanced colocation platforms, OnyxLight is on the edge of Internet solutions for the most demanding clients.

The edge comes from leveraging multiple gigabit Internet links to provide a stable platform on which enterprise level and mission-critical applications are capable of flourishing. This is achieved by peering with 3 separate Internet backbone providers and enables the avoidance of any downtime issues while still maintaining the highest level of performance across the entire network.

OnyxLight also provides a secure facility that is environmentally controlled, situated on a high priority power grid and backed up by industrial strength UPS's and generators for a clean, reliable, always-on power feed. This creates the perfect environment for any level of hosting need.

Not only is the environment cutting edge, but OnyxLight also has support channels available 24 hours a day. No matter when a problem arises, OnyxLight is committed to responding and resolving the issue within minutes.

OnyxLight Communications is commited to delivering the highest level of service, support and satisfaction that our clients demand.


All packages feature graphically detailed web statistics and webmail.
All packages feature 24/7 monitoring and support.
All server space features 100Mbit ports for high data bursts.