Managed Hosting is an ideal step up from standard web hosting if you don't want other users on your server for security and performance reasons. With a managed server, you know exactly what is on your server and the level of traffic that your server is experiencing.

OnyxLight manages the responsibility of security, configuration, software updates, and patches so you can focus on providing content. You can take comfort in the fact your managed server is being monitored 24 hours a day for reliability and service availability by our dedicated monitoring staff.

Managed Hosting can be used for a variety of situations. This is why we allow an unlimited number of websites and email accounts to be hosted on each of our managed servers. No matter if you are reselling space or providing content for a large website, You can be sure our managed servers will be able to meet your demanding requirements.

We provide the following default services for your managed server:

  • HTTP
    • Host as many domains as you would like. Both http and https (ssl) are supported.
    • Scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and Python are supported.
  • POP3
    • You can support an unlimited number of email boxes, auto-responders and mailling lists.
  • SMTP
    • Send email to anyone using your server for a reliable, guaranteed delivery.
  • IMAP
    • An alternate method for using pop3 email accounts.
  • MySQL
    • Use advanced database features with your server. Create dynamic content for your websites.
  • FTP
    • Upload files to your server and share any necessary information with your clients.

Managed servers also come with the following benefits:

  • web-based Domain Email control panel
    • Allows you to add, remove, and modify the following with a browser based interface.
      • Aliases (unlimited)
      • Auto-responders (unlimited)
      • Forwards (unlimited)
      • Mailing lists (unlimited)
      • POP3 accounts (unlimited)
  • Outgoing email authentication
    • Determines who is and who is not trusted to send email through your mailserver.
    • Defends your server from becoming a victim of an anonymous spammer.
  • Webmail services
    • Send and recieve email from any of your domains through an easy to use browser interface.
    • Import addressbooks from popular email clients such as Outlook.
    • Organize your time with the advanced calendar features.
  • Hourly website statistics
    • Keep up to date with who is looking at your websites.
    • Detailed statistics updated hourly give you all the information you need to keep on top of your domains.

We offer the following basic packages:

Setup Fee FREE $150 $250 $350
Monthly Fee $250 $325 $400 $475
Processor Dual Core
XEON 1.8ghz
Dual Core
XEON 1.8ghz
(2) Dual Core
XEON 1.8ghz
(2) Quad Core
XEON 2.0ghz
RAM 1gb 2gb 4gb 4gb
Hard Disk 160 GB SATA (2) 160 GB SATA (3) 146 GB SAS (4) 146 GB SAS
IP Addresses 4 8 8 16
Bandwidth 300Gigs 450Gigs 600Gigs 850Gigs

If you require something more customized, please call us at 1-866-TRY-ONYX or use the form below to send our sales engineers a request.

First Name
Last Name
Short Description of the functions you'll need:
Expected Bandwidth Requirement:
Expected IP Addresses Required:
Any Additional Information:

If you believe that Virtual or Co-Located Hosting may be a better choice for you, take a look at our Hosting Overview to find out the differences between the types of hosting that we offer.